AlRAI Best Feed



crushed  Barley:

Studies have shown that  the crushed barley help to speed up the digestion process of the animal. So crushed barley is allocated to feed the animal without any wastage in barley. The process of digestion of this type of barley is a quick and easy compared to digest a normal barley.

Flaked Barley :

Recent studies indicate that steam flaked barley after special processing becomes suitable for ruminant and increases lamp weight and milk yield of dairy cows besides increasing the feed efficiency to the extent of saving 30% of whole barley by replacing with steam flaked barley.


Pellets Barley:

The Focus on the nutritional values of feed is become too important, especially with regard to the values that gives the animal structure intact which is reflected in the quality of products such as milk and other products extracted from it. So the pellet become classified as the first option which is rich in nutritional values.