Our Mission

is to build an integrated and sustainable system that aims to guarantee food security while also being able to adapt to continuous changes, maintain the excellence of our brand and product quality, and continue to earn our customers’ trust through commitment, trust, and responsibility.

Our Vision

is to set new standards and develop innovative ideas to
redefine quality and excellence in the barley and feed
trade to always remain the first choice locally and globally.

Our Values

Quality and Authenticity a constant, uncompromising essence with the passage of time and data differences.

Integrity is the foundation and the bedrock upon which everything else is built.

Teamwork the fastest and most successful way to achieve the goal.

Commitment is the effort, the quality of performance and the fulfillment of the promise.

Building strong relationships a sail of trust that leads us to the meaning of life.

Promoting a sense of healthy living the most important principle, purpose and destination.

Glory and history

Quality Policy

Since its inception, the company has gained experience, and its first goal has been to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction by providing goods and services that meet the requirements agreed-upon specifications.
Building a win-win relationship with our clients, ensuring their long-term success, by understanding their needs and the needs of their clients as well.
Encourage systematic research as well as logical and rapid analysis to ensure trustworthy and professional risk management.
Using the best practical and technical methods to carry out the daily business and tasks of the company.

Insist on continuous improvement and constant innovation based on effective business processes, measurements and survey results from our clients.

The company obtained the ISO certificate No. /90001:2015 in quality management.

Chairman's Message

Emad bin Abdul Qadir Al Muhaidib

The United Feed Company has been in business for about 40 years, and it continues to strive for the greatest levels of quality while keeping competitive costs. The company has a prominent presence as one of the leading companies in the field of animal feed and its industry among private sector institutions.
As the company believes that livestock plays a vital role in ensuring food security at the local level, the company has been eager to work hard and persevere in securing industrial and commercial investment in this industry. With a keenness to form successful and strategic relationships over these years, United Feed Company will be a market leader in providing and distributing feed through customers, consumers and strategic partners internally and externally. First, we Praise Allah Almighty, then the thanks go to the supporting government entities for their contributions to building this great edifice and had an impact on the development of the company throughout these years. We pray to God for a brighter future under our leadership and the vision of our beloved kingdom.
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CEO Message

Marshad Abdulaziz Al Marshadi

The aspiration for success is an endless goal, and the secret to that success is perseverance. The United Feed Company has accomplished unprecedented feats in the fields of importing, unloading, storing, and selling barley and grains in the local market. and the favor for this pioneering journey goes to our work ethics since day one. We have been moving at a steady pace for about 40 years. The company maintained its strong performance and growth momentum,
and we were able to keep pace with the continuous development process and adapt to the accompanying changes. With a deep belief in our values and our work culture, we became one of the most prominent private sector institutions in the Kingdom with regard to importing and storing barley. Therefore, today I can proudly say that we are making a positive difference in people’s lives. We work hard with an endless and effort, with determination and firmness in united ranks to create historical value and achieve clear visions towards a world characterized by quality and its professional approach, towards a world in which we communicate with elegance and transparency, in which we serve with integrity, towards an entity led by a group of professional leaders who contributed to the growth and visibility of our role and engraving the name of the company in highest peaks of success.
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