in 1983, United Feed Company was established in Jeddah. and committed to become the main market supplier fo rlivestock feed with best quality and cheapest price. The company branches are located  in Dammam, Jubail, Jizan, Yanbu, Dhuba , and Wadi Fatima . through our modern facilities united feed company undertakes the unloading , storage and packaging of bulk feed grains especially barely . it is a pioneer in this field and sale of barely throughout the year without causing any short supply in the market . barely grain inported initially in bags and later in bulk with qualitative leap in the preserving , handling etc which contributed directly towards saving time , effort and cost for all concerned. The total quantity handled in all stations is 3 milliontons per year they are equipped with all modern supporting facilities. The efficiency of the company and its staff working is similar to government establishments , such as the grain silo & flour mill organization , to deal with it customers over the past twenty five years and continue to do so



Company objectives


In line with our quality policies for pursuing continual improvement. The executive management have established the following corporate objectives :

  •          To ensure that we monitor the level of client  satisfaction with our products and services.
  •          To monitor the performance of our business processes so we can improve the efficient of our operation.
  •          To continually reduce the level of nonconformance – not only in the products and services provided, but also in the quality management system itself.
  •          To continually monitor the performance of our suppliers and subcontractor .
  •          To ensure that we have an adequate level of competence.